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Asset Protection and Long Term Care Planning

Asset Protection - Many of our clients contact our office with one thing in mind, they want a will to ensure that their assets pass to their beneficiaries when they die.  However, many people overlook what could happen between now and then.  Planning to protect your assets from lawsuits, creditors, and the rising cost of long term care is vitally important to any estate plan.  

Long Term Care Planning -  As we age, there may come a time where we can no longer live independently.  Whether the care plan includes in-home care or finding an appropriate facility, the costs can quickly drain accumulated life savings.  However, with proper pre-planning, qualification for programs available to help provide such care can be met while saving assets for future generations. 

Medicaid Crisis Planning - Even if you are currently residing in a nursing home, it may be possible to protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid sooner than expected.  However, applying too early, or too late, could result in the loss of thousands of dollars of benefits.  We help our clients review their eligibility, determine if options are available to preserve assets, and navigate the application process to obtain the most favorable results.  

Services Include:

Asset Protection Trusts

Family Caregiver Agreements

VA Aid and Attendance Planning and Application 

Medicaid Pre-Planning

Medicaid Crisis Planning

Medicaid Application  

Long Term Care Planning: Practices
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